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Complaint ID 91376 — Public Copy

Report generated on February 23, 2024, 3:07 PM.

Status: Approved/Closed

Date Received October 10, 2019, 8:30 AM
Assigned Office Air Protection Branch
Date Complaint Closed November 6, 2019, 4:37 PM
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This company had stated in the beginning they would be burning manure as their product and are burning railroad ties that are soaked in creosote. There are homes close to this plant that have vehicles covered in fallout soot from this, plus the smell coming from the burning ties smell worse than a chicken pit at a chicken house in the middle of summer. At this time they have what I consider a mulch pile that is smoldering and they are watering it down, the supposed effect of this watering down is runoff into Indian creek where the fish are dying and the cattle down stream will not drink from (thankfully). They are running the furnace 24/7 for most of the time and it sounds like a freight train running down Hwy 198 ( This video plays the sound of what we hear all night that a neighbor put on youtube, we live 0.3 mile from there and this video is 0.8 mile from there. They also are using chemicals that has been told that they have no suppression system for and none of the surrounding counties are either. Without those suppression systems this could be a extremely hazardous issue if such a fire gets out. The company has taken to locking the gate and putting a tractor in front of it at night, which the employees will have issues getting out if something happens. They are in violation to what they promised, have disrupted many lives and put lives in danger with the fallout, smell and noxious gases that are being released into the atmosphere in our area. I am also worried as my mother has COPD and I am afraid this plant will make her breathing worse. It is also extremely hard to sleep at night since the sound is so loud that all you hear is this roar.

Primary Concern Air Quality Control
Secondary Concern [Not entered]
Location of Complaint 34.368637 / -83.333342
City of Complaint Carnesville
County of Complaint Franklin


Facility ID Number [Not entered]
Source Name GRP Franklin Renewable Energy Facility
Source Contact [Not entered]
Source Address 3465 Hwy 198 Carnesville, Georgia 30521


October 10, 2019 — Other

Contacted the complainant via phone and left a message to call me back to further discuss.

November 5, 2019 — Follow-Up Investigation

Called Ms. Weekley again on 11/5/19; no answer. Initial contact was attempted on 10/10/19, but complainant has not returned call as of today's date. Will close-out this particular complaint.



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